• June 12, 2024
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Nurses Quick Thinking saves life of New Mother

Aurangabad: Nurse’s quick suggestion given new life to mother of twins at a government hospital in Aurangabad. Nurse Dyneshwari Ghodke is behind this kind act. Speaking on the incident, Dr. Srinivas Gadappa HOD Gynaecology Department (GMCH) told that the suggestion made by nurse not only helped stop bleeding of the woman but also ended the need for a second surgery for uterus removal on July 17th 2020.

A 22 year old woman from Jalna gave birth to twins through a cesarean section on night of July 17. But after delivery, woman started bleeding profusely. When the doctors were in rush for the second surgery, Mrs. Ghodke suggested the woman to start breast feeding of new borns immediately. The idea was based on a medical fact that the breast feeding releases hormone oxytocin in blood stream of mother, which helps in arresting bleeding.

The idea helped and bleeding stopped within an hour and the woman was saved from undergoing another surgery which would have ended up in removal of her uterus.

Ghodke, speaking on the incident told that she had been taught of this during her nursing course. She has beed practicing as a nurse for past 11 years. She is very happy that her suggestion worked and did save life of the new mother.

This has become a prime example of need for accepting nurses opinion in critical decision making. Sadly, many medical teams are ignoring nurses opinions while taking important decisions forgetting the fact that entire care is a team play.

Source – India Today

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